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1G_Health awareness heal unresolved problems

Treatment gives you short-term relieve. Healing offers long-term resolution.


Shedding light and awareness to underlying "root-causes" to completely heal ailments, pain, disease, guilt, and emotional wounds of long and unresolved problems.


Prevents health complications, dilemma in relationships and obstacles from recurring.

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"Awakening Touch has been that place for me, and it’s my wish that now, it can be yours too!


A platform which listens and accompanies you in finding that something within you that ignites your sense of existence to living consciously, meaningfully and purposefully". ~ Irene Khor

Awakening Touch has been providing private BodyTalk sessions and trainings since 2004.


Meeting each individual at different levels of mind-body-emotional state, to optimize health and overall well-being as they pave life's journey.


We are dedicated to support you through various stages and phases in life to heal completely, make peace from within, while repairing relationships with people in your life from the past to the present.


Tailor-made treatments of BodyTalk sessions allows you to get to the "root of the matter" of any health-related challenges, or disharmony in relationships. Providing a much higher chance of fully resolving those issues, while preventing them from re-occurring in the future.


Our Private BodyTalk sessions helps resolve:-

  • recent ailments or physical injuries,
  • past injuries that are not recovering well,
  • a challenging phase in life that involves a combination of these factors - emotional wounds, psychological conditionings, physical discomforts or spiritual growth. 


Besides providing personalised and tailor-made sessions, we continuously support the maintenance of your ongoing health by conducting courses that will assist your body to heal itself.


Awakening Touch has also been conducting BodyTalkCertification, and MindScape workshops in Singapore from 2006.


Our health-related educational-programmes ranges between 1-4 days. From selfcare, self awareness and self discovery workshops to post-training support. Other activities includes group healing, health talks and corporate events.


Health enthusiast individuals can help themselves, their friends and family members, while HealthCare professionals can integrate these learnings into their existing practise, to enrich quality of lives! 

Contact us for your private BodyTalk healing session

Attend courses on How-to heal yourself  and ways to get in touch with your core self

Workshops to learn how to heal others

How to start your own healing practice

 Public Health Awareness Talks: Facts vs Myths about health. 

 Monthly Activities: SelfCare Circle, DIY Techniques ... etc.

Irene Khor, will personally guide you through your healing path as you discover and develop your own healing potentials.


Contact us today to improve your health, get to know your core self, care for yourself, and/or help others.