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Irene Khor
Director, Awakening Touch

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BodyTalk Private Session

BodyTalk Access Workshop
Jan 6, 2018


Clinic Relocation since Nov 26, 2014

Sessions are now available from:-
501, Bukit Timah Road
#04-04, Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
(Botanic Gardens MRT)

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Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines
Irene is commuting between Singapore and neighbouring countries teaching BodyTalk Access, BodyTalk Fundamentals and MindScape.

Contact Irene if you like any of these course to be taught the areas you are residing.

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Awakening Touch has been providing tailor-made Integrative healthcare through private treatments, and courses that optimizes health and improve quality of life since 2005.

We pride our services with care and sincere personal touch while aligning with the vision, Making Existence Matter.

Our main purpose is to work with you through the various stages and different phases of life, regardless of age. Meeting you at all these levels of the mind; conscious, subconscious and superconscious, as you pave the healing journey to enhance a state of wellbeing and make peace from within.

Our personalised BodyTalk treatments can help you to resolve:-

  • recent ailments or physical injuries,
  • past injuries not recovering well,
  • a challenging phase in life that involves a combination of these factors - emotional, psychological, metaphysical or spiritual, especially when it is associated with past emotional trauma, subtle shock or pro-longed stress

We will assist you through your healing process by retrieving from your body’s wisdom, the "contributing factors" stored in cellular memory that led to the manifestation of ailments, pain, disease, guilt or hurt.

When there are no apparent problems, it is still advisable to get BodyTalk session as ‘regular updates’ to maintain optimal health, release and prevent blockages, flow smoothly through different phases and transitions in life, so you continually develop your absolute best in living an empowering life!

You can contact us for your private BodyTalk session, or attend courses to learn how to heal yourself.

Courses available ranges from one to four days.

Providing applied knowledge on the myths about health and practical health education and simple techniques that you can easily apply on your daily live to achieve quality life and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Irene Khor, the Director of Awakening Touch will personally guide you through your healing path as you discover and develop your own healing abilities.

"I’ve always been grateful that through many phases in my life, there has been someone believing in me, guiding me to trust and love myself once again.

Awakening Touch has been that place for me, and it’s my wish that now, it can be yours too - a platform that listens to and accompanies you in finding that something within you that ignites your sense of purpose on living consciously."

Contact us today for guidance to help you find your own healing abilities, leading to seeking your path in life.


IBA (International BodyTalk Association)

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