At Awakening Touch, we understand the critical importance to maintain optimal health, ease physical discomforts, clear emotional blockages, reduce mental stress and untangle from complexities of cultural beliefs and practices.


Our primary vision is to work with you through different phases and transitions in life, so you can pursue your desired career, business, relationships, and/or spiritual path, that is in alignment with your true nature. 


Facilitating your healing process by retrieving and releasing factors ("root-causes") which contributed to the manifestation of ailments, aches & pain, disease, guilt, and emotional wounds that might have hindered you from developing your absolute best in living congruently!


To safely heal the wounded inner child, shadows of the past, maintain peace within; without ignoring any mental-emotional components. For together with your physical body these healed-components completes and re-unite you back to becoming your complete self.


The driving force that propels us to thrive remains consistent for 13 years ~ that is seeing consistent and gradual improvements with our clients and graduates health and wellbeing.


In addition to witnessing personal shifts, we are deeply honoured to be a part of the transformational changes of their families' lives too! 


We also offer courses that provides applicable knowledge on the Myths vs Facts about health. Together with practical tips and simple ways that anyone can easily learn and apply to feel empowered on a daily basis. So we are not consumed by ignorance and remains vulnerable to external influences. 


Through Health-education, each individual can re-learn how to become accountable healthcare consumers, and empowered to maintain a constructive attitude towards health.


We are here to support and encourage ongoing learnings, improvements in health, relationships and quality living of individuals, families, communities, humanity and future generations. 


Recent ailments or physical injuries

Past emotional trauma, old injuries (recurring or not recovering well)

A transitional or challenging phase in life that involves a combination of these factors:

  • emotional baggage,
  • psychological stress,
  • physical restriction and limitation,
  • social/environmental expectations,
  • metaphysical or spiritual entanglements

... especially when it is associated with unknown past or hidden sources, cumulative subtle shocks, pro-longed and ongoing stress... etc.

Levels of Minds_Natural Healing

Importance of maintenance session

When there are no apparent problems, it is advisable to get regular BodyTalk session as ‘tune-ups’ for the body to remain healthily ‘updated’ and prepared.


‘Tune-up sessions' supports your bodymind to flow smoothly with ongoing and inevitable changes in life. In the event where unexpected circumstances takes place, the bodymind are prepared to respond healthily and prevent any disruptions that can potentially disrupt health if one is caught off guard. 

So You Can Enjoy

Quality sleep ~ most basic human need and huge role in self-healing

Improved relationship with yourself

Establish personal boundaries (physical, emotional, social and mental) to protect yourselves from being manipulated, used, or violated (voluntarily or otherwise)

Maintain health and peace of mind at all levels

Proactive and practical approaches to face and handle FEAR, so you can live purposefully and Making Existence Matter !!!

Listen to your body_Relationship with Self


Contact us for your private BodyTalk healing session

Attend courses on How-to heal yourself  and ways to get in touch with your core self

Workshops to learn how to heal others

How to start your own healing practice

 Public Health Awareness Talks: Facts vs Myths about health. 

 Monthly Activities: SelfCare Circle, DIY Techniques ... etc.

Irene Khor, will personally guide you through your healing path as you discover and develop your own healing potentials.


Contact us today to improve your health, get to know your core self, care for yourself, and/or help others.