Body Talk Fundamentals

The BodyTalk Fundamental Course  ~ 4-1/2 days

This course allows you to help yourself, others, or consider to pursue the Certification process to be a healthcare practitioner. (Certification process is optional).


Manual_IreneKhor BodyTalk Fundamentals
  • This 4.5 days course provides a "map" of the "entire human psyche", together with a structured system that guides the practitioner to locate "contributing evidences" that led to any challenges, difficulties or disease manifestation,  in order to bring about lasting changes.


  • Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole-person and their whole-story.


  • Understanding all aspects that makeup the body - the tangible, energic and psychological, you'll start to appreciate how dis-ease develops; awareness why it is maintained and priorities required to fully resolve it.

As a non-diagnostic approach to Healthcare, BodyTalk System works with the hierarchy and psychology of disease manifestation to bring about lasting changes!


  • Anyone can learn BodyTalk ~ layperson, parents, caregiver, educator, seeker, or healthcare provider.
  • You do not need to have any background in healthcare to learn BodyTalk.
  • If you are keen to be equipped with comprehensive "map" that can assist you to go deeper and wider to bring forth awareness that will significantly impact the overall health, quality of life and well-being of their family, community and oneself, this course is for you!
BodyTalk Training_Demostration


BodyTalk isn't another healthcare modality BUT a comprehensive system, where you'll learn to:

  • listen and interpret what the body is saying, instead of jumping into conclusion to treat a given "diagnosis"
  • get to the root of the matter
  • provide long-lasting solutions, while preventing problems from recurring and risk of health concerns being passed on to future generations
  • accurately treat source factor(s) according to body's timing - NO guesswork!
  • enhance awareness at all levels (Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Metaphysical, and/or Spiritual)


✔︎ You will receive a comprehensive manual and certificate.

✔︎ Another step to consider pursuing a fulfilling and rewarding career as healthcare practitioner.

✔︎ Potential be a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (Certification process is optional).

✔︎ You can help yourself and others.


This course presents both scientific and philosophical aspects of health, as well as a hands-on practical application of the BodyTalk Fundamentals techniques..

Tapping_BodyTalk Fundamentals


✔︎ Solve the complete/whole story beneath surface symptoms to prevent future recurrence.

✔︎ Since each individual is unique, each symptom attempts to convey a unique message to it's 'beholder'.

✔︎ Prevent mis-diagnosis when fully evaluate the relationships of the symptoms with its social-emotional, mental, environmental, cultural, biochemical and ancestral factors.

✔︎ Fully resolved childhood issues or pending challenges of an individual, prevents it from be carried forward to future generations.

✔︎ Too eager to provide symptomatic relieve to eliminate surface problems can compromise the real power in body's attempt to heal the "whole person".

✔︎ Healing journey for self discovery, self acceptance and self forgiveness. Bringing forth awareness at the appropriate timing, and wisdom in appropriate situations, for one's progress on spiritual path.

BodyTalk: Non-diagnostic and comprehensive's approach with cancer.


  • History of BodyTalk and the Founder, Dr. John Veltheim
  • Key Concepts:
    - The Scientific Basis of BodyTalk
    - Consciousness Based Health Care
    - Consciousness Localized as Innate Wisdom
    - The Zone
    - Principles of Muscular Biofeedback
    - Priority and the Sequence of Healing
    - The Tapping Procedure
    - Breathing Principles
    - BodyTalk Procedures
    - Developing the Concept of Session Readiness
    - Development of Practitioner Technical Understanding & Skills:
  • Balancing the body basics:
    - Hydration, Scars, Cortices of the Brain, and more
  • Addressing environmental imbalances - Energy faults and communication blocks with in the brain.
  • Balancing Techniques for the organs, endocrines and body parts.
  • Addressing energy blockages within chakras and meridians.
  • Balancing cellular damage from vaccinations, trauma, and hereditary influences.
  • Clearing the body of viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances, allergies and toxins.
  • Clearing past and present emotional blockages, including active memories, phobias and fears.
  • Addressing blockages within the lymphatic system.
  • Balancing blockages in the circulation of lymph, blood and nerves.
  • Balancing blockages in the bodies tissues using the reciprocals concepts.
  • Emergency BodyTalk procedure; Fast Aid.

Identify and interpret solutions from the body!

How to know what the body need, without a diagnosis; and The computer analogy.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will:

  1. Learn the 3 key scientific models that lead to our current understanding of health
  2. Learn the 5 different levels of the bodymind and Top/Down Causation
  3. Understand how BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health care system
  4. Learn how consciousness operates in the bodymind
  5. Learn what is meant by the Innate wisdom of the practitioner and the client and its aspects and function
  6. Learn what occurs when the synchronicity of the bodymind is disrupted
  7. Understand the importance of left and right brain integration and the Zone
  8. Understand the muscle checking technique as used during a BodyTalk session
  9. Understand the importance of the principles of BodyTalk which include: The body has an innate ability to heal itself Using our own innate wisdom and the art of muscle checking along with a structured protocol and procedure to discern the areas of priority and the sequence of balancing
  10. Discuss how the "interference" of the following can limit results of BodyTalk; Attention Vs. Intention Priority Vs. problem Agenda Vs. non-agenda Attachment VS. non-attachment Caring Vs. not caring
  11. Understand the five functions of breathing and principles of tapping
  12. Understand the concept of receiving permissions before and during a BodyTalk session and how to "clear" them for both practitioner and client
  13. Through lecture, demonstration, and practice the participant will learn to use the BodyTalk balancing techniques in Fundamentals and will experience the techniques as the recipient.



SINGAPORE (4 - 1/2 days)
7 & 8 Sep 2019 
(Sat & Sun, 9:30am-6:00pm)

4 Oct 2019 (Fri, 2:00pm-6:00pm)

5 & 6 Oct 2019 (Sat & Sun, 9:30am-6:00pm)

BT Fundamentals (Singapore)


  • BodyTalk operates from the philosophy that body is capable of healing itself, hence respecting the body's own needs and priorities for healing.
  • What might seem like an obvious problem to you is not necessarily the one your body wants to address first.
  • This automatic intelligence guides the overall functioning of the bodymind complex, by addressesing the "whole person". This means that no aspect of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it emotional, physical or environmental influences.


Health challenges arise for a variety of reasons.

Every choice, every experience, every injury, every person in your life has contributed to your current state of health.

Each unique story, including life-style, genetics and cultural background are all drawn upon and taken into consideration to establish a personalized approach to your healing journey.

BodyTalk provide insights to the areas of your body and aspects in your life that need attention - revealing the true underlying causes of the dis-ease manifested.

How to know what the body need, without a diagnosis; and The computer analogy.

Unique Personalised BodyTalk Story