Become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP)

How to Become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP)


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The process of becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) is not difficult, but there are a few steps to the process. There is not a defined time frame in which this process must be completed, but many individuals take between 6 months and 2 years to become a CBP. It's up to you, your schedule, and how much you are able to focus on studying and practice. So, in order to become a CBP, you must complete the following:

  • Complete BodyTalk Fundamentals with any Certified BodyTalk Instructor (CBI).
  • Become and maintain IBA Standard Membership.
  • Either attend BodyTalk Fundamentals for a second time, at a reduced cost, OR take the BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration class with any CBI. (Depending on your membership level, you may be eligible for up to 75% discount on retaking an IBA seminar. Members only have to pay 25% of the cost of the course to monitor.
  • Complete and document at least fifty BodyTalk sessions, with a minimum of fifteen different people, without the use of protocol charts or manuals.
  • Documentation of sessions should demonstrate wide use of the BodyTalk techniques and will be reviewed by an examining CBI prior to exam.
  • Receive a minimum of five BodyTalk sessions from a CBP and provide documented evidence of such.
  • Study for the Fundamentals exam (Practice Exam and tips are located in the Members Area of the IBA website).
  • Set up a time to take the Fundamentals Exam with any CBI (Certified BodyTalk Instructor).
  • Take and pass with a 90% or better both the written and oral practical examination with an examining CBI. The exam cost is $250 USD, payable to CBI prior to start of exam and a $50 processing fee payable to the IBA upon submitting certification.

BodyTalk Fundamentals Exam Guidelines

You may take the Fundamentals Exam with any qualified CBI – usually the one you took the Fundamentals course with – but it can be with another instructor. It is wise to talk to your examining instructor about their approach to the oral exam to make sure you are well prepared. If the instructor you are intending to take the exam with is traveling to your area, please make arrangements with them well ahead of time to allow them to be able to review your sessions, give feedback and to make adequate advanced travel arrangements.

Below adapted from the Policies and Procedures (May 15 2014)

5.1.1 Course Pre-requisite: Members wishing to take the Fundamentals exam must monitor BodyTalk Fundamentals or take the BodyTalk Fundamentals Integration course prior to sitting the exam.

5.1.2 If the member chooses to monitor BodyTalk Fundamentals, full attendance is necessary to meet this pre-exam requirement.

5.1.3 Personal BodyTalk Sessions Pre-requisite: As of June 15th 2014, students will be required to receive a minimum of 5 BodyTalk sessions from a CBP and may be required to provide proof to the testing instructor. Receiving regular BodyTalk sessions demonstrates the student’s belief in the system and willingness to “walk the talk.”

5.1.4 Sessions Pre-requisites: Members wishing to be certified as a BodyTalk practitioner must have conducted a minimum of 50 BodyTalk sessions without using their books, notes or charts. They are to keep records of the sessions including the date, clients initials or assign them a number (for confidentiality), the client’s complaints and any results noted immediately after the session and on follow up sessions. These are to be submitted to the testing instructor. On the members download section there are Session Note Templates that can be downloaded to write on then scan or mail, or they can be filled out digitally, saved and emailed to the instructor. If hand written they must be legible or they may not be accepted. Please also refer to the document “How to Write Session Notes and Accepted Abbreviations” as a guide for writing your session notes. As of June 15th 2014, the examining instructor must begin to review the student’s sessions well before the exam to provide any necessary feedback. Please contact the examining instructor to discuss their preferences regarding how to submit the session notes to them. Once the review of the sessions begins, half of the exam fee will be required. If the student chooses to change instructors for the exam, the half down payment will be forfeited unless the issue resided with the instructor. This down payment is to pay for the instructor’s time for reviewing the sessions and any coaching involved. The instructor will mark the section on the exam cover page to confirm receipt and review of the session notes. Students may test once they have completed 25 reviewed and approved sessions without using study materials. However, certification will not be completed until the remaining sessions have been reviewed and approved.

5.1.5 Time Limits: The guidelines for time limits are as follows: 75 minutes for the written portion and 2 hours for the oral. Exceptions to these guidelines and appropriate accommodations can be made for students with learning disabilities.

5.1.6 Exams are to be done one on one. There are to be no group oral exams.

5.1.7 Exam Failure: When members fail one part of the Fundamentals exam, they must re-sit the entire exam (both written and oral). The full exam fee must be paid each time the exam is taken.

5.1.8 Instructors will keep failed written exams on file for future reference in case of an appeal. There is no need to keep the exams of those students who passed.

5.1.9 Fees: The examination fee that goes to the examining instructor is currently set at $250 USD (in addition to the $50 USD processing fee that goes to the IBA).

5.1.10 Age Restrictions: There are no age restrictions in taking the Fundamentals examination. However, the legal age to practice as a CBP may vary from state to state, or country-to-country, therefore it is the individual’s responsibility to be aware of those requirements.

5.1.11 Fundamentals Exam Study Guide: There is a study guide for preparation for the Fundamentals Exam on the members download area that outlines what to study
how to study.


  • Complete 32 hours of IBA-Approved Continuing Education in the BodyTalk System™ within the two-year time period from the date you passed your Fundamentals Exam.


  • Remain a member of the IBA.


  • Adhere to the Code of Ethics of the IBA.
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