This Month's SelfCare Circle

Apr 24, 2018 (Tuesday): 11:30AM - 2:00PM

This Month's Topic: Lite-Up Your Aspirations for Brighter Existence

This session, we explore which aspects in your life requires boosting (enhance your path), healing (to unstuck), or clarity.

  • Gain clarity of your current activities, projects, investment (time, efforts, money, people), career choice/change...etc.


  • Discern which aspects requires your attention to focus on, and How to go about doing it?


  • How do we ensure that our efforts contributes to our personal growth (spiritually, emotionally, physically, or financially...etc) and not draining you unnecessarily.

✔ Have we spend sufficient time to get to know and understand ourselves?

✔ When we impartially be with ourselves, we begin to understand what makes us tick, what energizes and what depletes us.

✔ With clarity, you'll naturally rekindle your passion  to enjoy doing what you ASPIRE. 

BodyTalk Access graduates ~ pick-up practical tips on one of the hardest things to do in life - decision making & direction setting.

MindScape graduates ~ re-visit your workshop! Understand why it is called, "the Living Metaphor"! Tips to use your workshop to Cultivate Your Inner Compass.  HOW To re-enter, observe and 'interpret messages' of your inner world ~ faster, fun and effectively!!!

~ Power of Sharing and Group Healing ~

In this circle, we gather to review, practise and infuse knowledge learnt into our daily life.

A platform where like-minded people with interest in wellness and natural healing gathers, to exchange experiences and healing treatments on each other and as a group.

  • Date: Apr 24 (Tuesday), 2018
  • Time: 11:30am - 2:00PM (RSVP by Apr 15th, 2018)
  • Cost: $15 per session
    (This month's session is currently exclusively for MindScape and Access Graduates Only.)
  • Venue: 40, Shelford Road
SelfCare Circle_Experience and Practice


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Your attendance is important to the group.

Appreciate your mindfulness on time commitment, so kindly mark your calendar now.


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We empower each other to sharpen skills learnt and utlize in daily life, to making existence matters! For ourselves and for those around us!!!

Irene Khor_BodyTalk Instructor

Features of SCCi:-

Use learnings (MindScape and/or BodyTalk Access):

✔︎ Enjoy getting a healing from someone, by teaming up with partner or partners and experience Group Healing
✔︎ Practise under guidance and supervision of Irene Khor
✔︎ Discussion and healing on Topic-of-the-Month
✔︎ Guided reflection on learnings and relevancy in your life, or impact you've made unto others
✔︎ Debrief and discuss (if any) challenges in putting the learnings into practise
✔︎ Brainstorm ideas on more creative ways to enhance applications in your personal life or in-practice (work, family).

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