SelfCare Circle (SCCi)

A platform where like-minded people with interest in wellness and natural healing gathers, to exchange experiences and healing treatments on each other and as a group.

SelfCare Circle_Meet and Practice

In this circle, we gather to review, practise and infuse knowledge learnt into our daily life. (This Month's Session).

The original purpose for this SelfCare Circle (SCCi) is to let BodyTalk Access and MindScape graduates participate in giving and receiving sessions in a casual and supportive atmosphere.

The ultimate aim is to support each other cultivate a personalised SelfCare routine that is practical and beneficial for oneself.

We encourage you to invite friends to attend and participate in the healing exchanges. 

Non-graduates (by invitation) are also welcome!


Kindly be mindful and gracious of time commitment, so kindly mark your calendar now.

By registering, you confirm your attendance and payment. A seat (max 8) has been reserved for you and your guest (if any).

Your attendance is important to the group.

This can be your energetic re-charge, sharing and finding your own routine-habit for self-care.

  • The Topic (30-45min) differs for each SCCi session
  • The topic sets the healing agenda of the session
  • Hosted by Irene Khor, once every 6-8 weeks
  • Maintenance fee of $15, payable by the graduate (includes 1 invite)
  • Maintenance fee of $15 applies, for Non-graduates and Unaccompanied-guests.
SelfCare Circle_Experience and Practice


We empower each other to sharpen skills learnt and utlize in daily life, to making existence matters!

For ourselves and for those around us!!!


We are well aware that sessions are normally more robust when practised in groups, due to the power or multiple observers.

WHY Self Care?

Self care is NOT self indulgence; self care is fundamental requirement for self-preservation.

Recognising implications of not having personal boundaries, can impact on one’s health, especially within elements of emotional, environmental including self-imposed expectations.
Making time for self on an ongoing basis for personal reflection and care, makes room for:

✔︎ Getting to know self better

  • Awareness of strengths lets you align and shift focus onto fulfilling your passion and purpose
  • Awareness of weakness creates opportunity to gain closure by healing the unresolved conflicts

✔︎ Recognising and Reevaluating self worth

  • Ability to reclaim ownership of own life
  • Make your existence matter

Features of SCCi:-

Use learnings (MindScape and/or BodyTalk Access):

✔︎ Enjoy getting a healing from someone, by teaming up with partner or partners and experience Group Healing
✔︎ Practise under guidance and supervision of Irene Khor
✔︎ Discussion and healing on Topic-of-the-Month
✔︎ Guided reflection on learnings and relevancy in your life, or impact you've made unto others
✔︎ Debrief and discuss (if any) challenges in putting the learnings into practise
✔︎ Brainstorm ideas on more creative ways to enhance applications in your personal life or in-practice (work, family).


  • Investigate how much of what you are currently doing is in alignment with your destiny!
  • Make congruent choices from the abundant information, advice, options and possibilities, that are aligned to who you truly are.
  • How to discern which external noise to shut out?
  • How do we ensure that our choices and decisions reflect who are really are and what we believe is important to us (not what society tells us who we are).
  • Many of us have set GOALs in our lives, yet how many times it didn't lasts for more than 60-days, or something else interfered or interrupted the plans.
  • This session, we investigate THE 3-Critical Steps that's missing, in setting 'GOAL's or make new resolutions that is practical and inspiring!
  • Why previous years' goal setting hasn't worked for you!
  • Incorporating 3-Brain Complex with each 3-Critical Steps.
  • How much of those "GOALs" set, includes and benefited the Inner you, when its achieved ???!!!

Nov 4, 2017: Are You "SLEEPing, well"?

  • Extend of SLEEP DEPRIVATION impact on quality life, health, productivity, addiction, immune system, confidence, mental-rigidity, mood swings, relationships... etc
  • Facts and myths about Quality Sleep: recommended criteria vs. internal requirements.
  • Prevent poor quality sleep from prolonging, by identifying factors (emotional, psychological, physical) that led to disruptive wakings, number of hours and depth of sleep.
  • Steps that help switch-off the busy mind, relax...etc, without compromising the opportunity to understand real messages from your body.

Oct 4, 2017: "De-Stress" to Heal (Appreciating Value behind Stress)

  • To what extend has Stress wreak havoc on health, productivity & pursuing happiness, joy, passion and your desired experiences in life?
  • Your personal definition of stress
  • Eliciting stress factors:
    - Expectations: self imposed, from others
    - Stress Level & categories (emotional, mental, physical body)
  • Identifying effects currently experiencing - sleepless nights, inconsistent energy flow, lack of motivation, emotional barrier and disruptions....etc.

Aug 27, 2017: Respect and Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Significance of personal space on health and wellbeing
  • Giving & Receiving feedback
    - Recognising and saying 'NO' to 'unsolicited advice'
    - Constructive feedback vs. being judgemental
  • Strengthening self from emotional-blackmail
  • Extend of awareness - being manipulative or manipulated.

June 27, 2017: Gut Health (The Third Brain)

Extend of a weak Gut (gastrointestinal tract) on health and quality of your life

  • Hormones, Immune, Lymphatic, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Emotional, Social wellness
  • Free yourself from living "restrictively" so you can get into the flow of life, and not being held hostage by shadow-limitations.
  • How much can you trust or ignored your "gut feelings" and what upsets to this equilibrium

May 10, 2017: Re-Hydrate your life

Hydrate areas (physical, mental, psychological) which has been "inhibited by past experiences" so you can get into the flow of life, and not being held hostage by shadow-memories, stored in the subconscious.