• Sessions are by appointment only

  • Session cost as follows:-
        First session-SGD175.00    
        Subsequent session-SGD150.00

First session - SGD175.00
Subsequent session - SGD150.00
Family Package (3 or 5 Subsequent Sessions)

"I am constantly amazed with the successful results of BodyTalk session, as a stand-alone system.

BodyTalk is an open system, where it can be seamlessly integrated with any other healthcare systems you are currently receiving, to give the body full support and increase its total effectiveness.


PaRama BodyTalk is integrated with CranioSacral Therapy, V.M. Lymph Drainage, Eastern Medicine philosophies, Microbiome System, MindScape, and Family Constellation within a BodyTalk session.


Whether the issues are for chronic pain relief, sports injuries, allergies, chronic emotional and/or psychological challenges, the said integration comprehensively supports the entire bodymind system in achieving optimal results.


This integration promotes faster healing in many chronic and acute health challenges". ~ Irene Khor